About Us

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Professionally, designers are both artists and engineers, working in every sector of the economy; the designing industry offers an excellent write-up for Designers in today’s world of Education. Now, CREATOR INSTITUTE OF DESIGNER provides Design education and promotes design awareness and application towards raising the quality of life by and through the Courses we provide: FASHION DESIGN: Professional, Diploma, Degree and P.G. Diploma INTERIOR DESIGN: Professional, Diploma and Degree JEWELERY DESIGN: Professional and Diploma.


Education is to create design professionals of excellence to help meet India's diverse design needs. To train design trainers for other design and design-related institutions and positions in the 21st century as global leaders in Design Education by recognizing the changes in economic and business environment nationally. Ensuring the expansion in the number of quality design professionals and faculty, through existing and new institutional mechanisms. Becoming a repository of design knowledge, experience and information on products, systems, materials, design related to traditional as well as modern technologies.


This vision acknowledges that higher education in design will have greater responsibilities to meet the needs of society. We must be prepared to accept this challenge so that we can continue to lead advances in educational and technological innovation, creative expression and design led problem solving. At the same time CID anchors itself to cultural strengths of India and fosters strategic design linkages of innovation with the various sectors of industry. CID will also have to identify opportunities for newer linkages across institutional, national and cultural boundaries in order to create newer opportunities for the development of people and industry. As the external environment changes, CID will also reshape existing programmes or initiate new programmes to maintain or gain leadership positions. The institute's client servicing team facilitates students in getting involved with real life projects, which in turn adds value to the upcoming professionals giving them a taste of actual situations.


The institute will develop educational programmes which have wider social implications and integrate technological excellence. Attempts will be made to retain and attract quality faculty, academicians, designers, researchers, and professionals; thus demonstrating the institute’s intellectual engagement with the latest trends and technologies. The broader objectives of the education programmes under each discipline are designed to meet our objectives so that students are able to progress through their courses in an integrated manner.

Director's Message

I firmly believe that education determines the character and skills of all the Pupils. It must be concrete. We, at CREATOR INSTITUTE OF DESIGNER, aim to provide all round development to each student, laying emphasis on Practical & Theory Based learning through innovative methods by conducting seminars & workshops designed to make learning more effective and Interesting.

We are committed to provide overall knowledge from the designing field to all our students towards perfection. I am sure that with the help of our Faculty and their teaching will mould all students in shape of perfect designers. Hope to succeed in our mission to provide the best facilities ever.

-Hasmukh Sutariya